What I do

I use my own tailored programs based on over 20 years of coaching experience.  

I begin all packages with an Energy Leadership assessment to really understand your patterns and beliefs in a super fast efficient and effective way!  Its a fantastic way for me to get to know you and more importantly for you to really get to know yourself!


I create a blueprint package tailored to you using a combination of Coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy, COre Dynamics,Meridian Energy Release Work, and Solutions Focused Work. What I use and how much of each will vary, depending on how long we work together and what I feel will most benefit you as an individual.


I take a holistic approach when working with patterns like self sabotaging behaviour or when working with limiting beliefs and lack of confidence.

The work we do will heal the mind, the body and the soul! 

My approach is to do all I can to increase my client’s total wellbeing. I do this by paying attention to the human being, not as a collection of parts but as a whole. I believe that true health (not just the absence of sickness) is related to 6 major elements 

1. Our Mental Processes 

2. Our Emotions and Decisions 

3. Our Physical Body 

4. The Brain 

5. Our Behavior (the Interaction with the Environment) 

6. The Spiritual Part of us

Have a read in more detail about each of the modalities I incorporate into our sessions by following the links below.