Here is what a few of my clients have to say...


Tiah Wall
It has been well over a year now since working with Becky to tackle my anxiety and fear when riding... a lot of people say to me that they never expected that I would’ve ever suffered with my riding. Considering when communicating with horses you use body language and they pick up exactly how you are feeling, it’s no wonder things can go very wrong when you are trying to push through the anxiety. I tried so hard to push through previously until Becky was recommended to me by my instructor. Understanding myself and my thoughts, feelings and what was happening in those moments has never benefitted me more and my progress with Google has never been better. Forever grateful



Emma Godfrey


"I barely know where to start - but believe me when I say...this is probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I'd already tried online help, aromatherapy oils, herbal calmers, breathing techniques, positive talk, I’d watched hours of YouTube videos, tried more lessons and then less lessons, then no lessons. I’d tried other people schooling my horse, but less time in the saddle just meant that when I was due to get back on, the feelings just doubled. I’d get hot and bothered when I was tacking up, and not surprisingly....all this was being passed on to my horse, who really needed some reassurance and a leader. I didn’t have the tools for the job and I felt useless. I battered myself with negative chat...telling myself I didn’t deserve her and that I should just sell her to someone who could enjoy and help her. My confidence was rock bottom. I also hadn’t realised how much of this was playing out in my life outside of my horse. Until I found more

Lucie Edwards


It is hard to put into words the power and magic of working with Becky, other than life-changing. Becky has helped me turn my life around when all I thought I needed was some help with riding confidence!  My relationship with my horse and riding, home life and relationship, and business is transformed and I have all the tools to continue to grow and handle situations life throws at me.  Not only whilst in the mdst of sessions, but for long after you can enjoy the domino effect of this type of self growth.  Don't hesitate if you are wondering whether to go for it or not - you will thank yourself later.


Samantha Fox

Becky is basically awesome!
After a major riding accident I was not allowed to ride for over a year due to surgery. When my Consultant said I could get back to riding my plan was to get on and get going again. That didn’t happen. I lifted my foot towards my stirrup and had big flash backs of my accident, shaking uncontrollably and struggling to breathe and I broke down in tears. I tried many things and they didn’t help.
Becky dug much deeper than just the horse, we found a whole lot of stuff inside me that was going on. As we unravelled that, my confidence and belief in myself was returning. This week I went for a hack…the first one in 18 months, it was brilliant!! I had tools provided by Becky to help me through any emotions that came up, but actually none really did……I was amazed!
Becky has helped me in all aspects of my life, not just the ridden part and I can’t thank her enough.
I highly recommend her and I’m so glad I invested in myself. It’s changed my life for the better.

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My 9 year old daughters' love of her pony was being threatened by a fear of riding and handling him that was really upsetting her. Thankfully we found Becky and now over the last a couple of months she has gone from strength to strength taking control of her fears and enjoying her pony again. She has a new found confidence in every aspect of her life. She has not only had her first canter but also done a dressage test!

Thank you Becky!

Melissa Fairbrother



"I 100% recommend Becky. A friend recommended her to me and I am so pleased that I saw her. She is fantastic at what she does. My life has literally changed in so many positive ways.  I worked with Becky for 6 months and even though some sessions were tough emotionally, I looked forward to my sessions. Becky is so nice, yet professional, has a wonderful calm voice and helped me pinpoint what was going on for me. No, i am not a horse owner - you don't have to be.  We invest in so many things but rarely ourselves.  Working with Becky at Mindhop is definitely one of the best investments you can give yourself. Go on, you won't regret it.  I will certainly see Becky for monthly top-ups in the future.  Thank you Becky, you are amazing at what you do"

Sophie Rantzau


"Becky is a truly inspirational and amazing life coach. She has helped me to transform my mindset in just 6 sessions to such a degree that I feel like a completely different person than I did before I met her.
I used to feel constantly overwhelmed, stressed and my life felt chaotic and out of control. At the same time I struggled with paralysing procrastination and self sabotaging behaviour.. I was beginning to lose hope that I could ever change but then I met Becky and right from the very first session I knew that this could be the answer I was looking for.
Becky has taught me that by changing the way I think about myself, and by using various strategies to change my behaviour, I can finally become the best version of myself I always knew I could be. Becky knows exactly how the human mind works and has expertly guided and given me direction when I was too deep in my own mind to see the way forward for myself.
She is patient, understanding, caring and I feel that she truly "gets" me and knows exactly how to help. 
I cannot thank Becky enough for how much she has helped me. 
If you are wondering whether life coaching is for you, just go for it. Invest in yourself, It can truly change your life!"

Juliet O'Rourke


Three months ago I was struggling with confidence and progress in my riding. I felt very disheartened. I was also having difficulty dealing with some people in my life resulting in sleepless nights going over conversations in my mind. I had previously followed an online NLP course but the situation had not improved. A horse riding instructor/friend recommended Becky. I signed up for a 12 week course with Becky. On the first session Becky gave me strategies to deal with both aspects-horse riding and personal. She built on these each week. New situations arose and I always felt that I could discuss them freely with Becky. Becky very quickly recognised anything I described and helped me discover solutions. She explained why I was thinking in those ways and how to deal with them. My riding quickly improved as did my confidence. My horse became less reactive and quieter as my thought processes changed. I now feel that I have the tools to deal with life be it horse riding or life situations.

Gerry Cotterell


June 2021 -  Becky's approach to coaching has been quite different to anything I have experienced before and has been incredibly powerful in supporting me to effect positive change in all aspects of my life.  As a CEO for one company and director for a number of others, there is always a sense of a deep responsibility to be the best you can for those whom you work with and for.  The ability to remain objective and calm under pressure has been tested more than ever through the pandemic and yet finding a path to that equilibrium has been possible despite all the challenges, both personal and professional, thanks to regular coaching from Becky; what's more, the internal shifts feel lasting and I am happier. Whether its work/ home/horses  -  I have learnt that our internal struggles are often coming from the same place and when one block shifts in the right direction, so does everything else. I am hugely grateful to Becky and would recommend her as a coach in a heartbeat .

Jo Upton


"Before I started life coaching with Becky, I was drifting along and felt that I was always playing catch-up. I didn’t know how to set goals or how to work out what I wanted. Within a couple of sessions, my whole mindset had changed and I felt able to focus on the things that WERE important to me, rather than what I thought SHOULD be important to me. It seems dramatic to say that my whole outlook has shifted, but it has, and definitely for the better. I feel happier and more accepting of myself. I like myself more and am far less self-critical."

Clare Hemmings


"I’ve had 4 sessions with Becky so far and within that short space of time she has helped me make some pretty important decisions. The first was business related (I’m a self employed Personal Trainer). I’d been planning on making changes for quite some time but had been avoiding it as I didn’t recognise my value and worth. Becky helped me to see that, and now business is booming, I have a fully booked client list for the first time ever!

 The second decision was connected with my personal life. Without going into too much detail I was dwelling on the past instead of looking at the now. The past is out of my control and she helped me to see that. I am now once again moving forward!  I thoroughly recommend Becky."

Bronwen Wright


"I have known Becky for many years through our shared passion for horses and when I wanted some coaching after I first started my online business, she was my first thought for someone to go to. 

I initially went to see her after finding that my self-confidence was stopping me from progressing as fast as I wanted to. Becky has helped me move from a place of low confidence to a place where I am seeing patterns in my confidence and recognising where I am blocking myself. With her help I have been able to change my view on some of my believes about my confidence and move forward to a place where I am excited to meet these challenges head on. 

I am looking forward to working with her more in the future as things inevitably arise as I progress on my business journey and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a supportive, positive and encouraging coach who will get you moving forward and set you on the path to achieving your goals and dreams"

Jo Marshall


"Becky helped me to name the challenges I had when I moved my whole family to Texas, She helped me to shift my mindset and have the courage to begin to tackle what seemed like a mountain of challenges

Becky will be by your side as you climb down in the trenches -- with compassion and empathy -- and make you feel completely supported while helping to identify and work toward your goals. After working with Becky, instead of being 'stuck' I was able to grow and meet the challenges I faced."

Don't hesitate to make the call, you are worth investing in yourself!

Monette Stransom