Here is what a few of my clients have to say....

"Becky is a truly inspirational and amazing life coach. She has helped me to transform my mindset in just 6 sessions to such a degree that I feel like a completely different person than I did before I met her.
I used to feel constantly overwhelmed, stressed and my life felt chaotic and out of control. At the same time I struggled with paralysing procrastination and self sabotaging behaviour.. I was beginning to lose hope that I could ever change but then I met Becky and right from the very first session I knew that this could be the answer I was looking for.
Becky has taught me that by changing the way I think about myself and using various strategies to change my behaviour, that I can finally become the best version of myself I always knew I could be. Becky knows exactly how the human mind works and has expertly guided and given me direction when I was too deep in my own mind to see the way forward for myself.
She is patient, understanding, caring and I feel that she truly "gets" me and knows exactly how to help. 
I cannot thank Becky enough for how much she has helped me. 
If you are wondering whether life coaching is for you I would say go for it, It can truly change your life!"

Juliet O'Rourke

"Before I started life coaching with Becky, I was drifting along and felt that I was always playing catch-up. I didn’t know how to set goals or how to work out what I wanted. Within a couple of sessions, my whole mindset had changed and I felt able to focus on the things that WERE important to me, rather than what I thought SHOULD be important to me. It seems dramatic to say that my whole outlook has shifted, but it has, and definitely for the better. I feel happier and more accepting of myself and dare I say, I like myself more and am far less self-critical."

Clare Hemmings

"I’ve had 4 sessions with Becky so far and within that short space of time she has helped me make some pretty important decisions. The first was business related (I’m a self employed Personal Trainer). I’d been planning on making changes for quite some time but had been avoiding it as I didn’t recognise my value and worth. Becky helped me to see that, and now business is booming, I have a fully booked client list for the first time ever!

 The second decision was connected with my personal life. Without going into too much detail I was dwelling on the past instead of looking at the now. The past is out of my control and she helped me to see that. I am now once again moving forward!  I thoroughly recommend Becky."

Bronwen Wright

"I have known Becky for many years through our shared passion for horses and when I wanted some coaching after I first started my online business, she was my first thought for someone to go to. 

I initially went to see her after finding that my self-confidence was stopping me from progressing as fast as I wanted to. Becky has helped me move from a place of low confidence to a place where I am seeing patterns in my confidence and recognising where I am blocking myself. With her help I have been able to change my view on some of my believes about my confidence and move forward to a place where I am excited to meet these challenges head on. 

I am looking forward to working with her more in the future as things inevitably arise as I progress on my business journey and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a supportive, positive and encouraging coach who will get you moving forward and set you on the path to achieving your goals and dreams"

Jo Marshall

"Becky helped me to name the challenges I had when I moved my whole family to Texas, She helped me to shift my mindset and have the courage to begin to tackle what seemed like a mountain of challenges

. Becky will be by your side as you climb down in the trenches -- with compassion and empathy -- and make you feel completely supported while helping to identify and work toward your goals. After working with Becky, instead of being 'stuck' I was able to grow and meet the challenges I faced."

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