•  Are you a master at finding reasons NOT to ride?


  • I love working with and helping riders that really want to be riding with Calm, focused confidence. After working with many anxious riders just like you, I know that you are struggling, frustrated and quite possibly feeling like a failure when it comes to riding your horse.

  • Get confidence on your Horse without having to just“Push Through it”(which can make it worse),take Remedies, or spend £££ on extra lessons or trainers

  • Do you feel that increase in heart rate, breathing, or even shaking when mounting and yet all you long for is to be able to head out for a ride on your own?

  • Do you feel like you don't deserve your horse, you are not good enough or feel guilty that your horse is wasted with you?

  • Are you a competition rider whose nerves mean you can't compete to the best of your ability, or get super nervous when an event is approaching?

  • Learn the breakthrough strategy that works, even if you Haven't Ridden in months, and even if you have NEVER felt confident and suffer from anxiety in other areas of your life. (This is really common)


  • Ride with pure Joy, and confidence and reignite that passion and fun you had with horses

Book a Free Breakthrough Coaching call below, and  we can chat about the challenges you are facing, in what areas the Fear Shows up, and work out a customised blueprint package for you to start LOVING your Riding and Feeling Confident in ANY situation that shows up!

I also offer an online program for those who are happy to work through a program by themselves and at their own pace. Click below for more information.