Certified Professional Coach

Confidence Coaching

Do you suffer from Anxiety, Fear, or "Imposter Syndrome"?

I am a certified Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner (NLP MP) Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) Core-Dynamics Specialist, Silent Councillor  and Certified Professional coach.

I have been coaching for over 20 years beginning in the corporate world where I was responsible for delivering Coach training to managers and for coaching senior leaders.

My Focus shifted to specialising in Confidence Coaching. An area that seemed to show up in many areas of my journey, Specifically As A Mum, As a Manger in Corporate, As an Expat and as a Passionate Horse Rider!

I now use my skills, intuition and a process that I developed to get you living the life you want and feeling great about yourself.

 Regardless of where this lack of confidence or fear is showing up I will help you discover how your energy levels and type of energy affects how you see the world, how you're showing up in the world and to create shifts in order that you can recreate your external experiences.  Having goals is not enough, when at a subconscious level you are sabotaging them!

 I will guide you through a process that will help you raise your awareness of whats really going on, and shift into energies that help you achieve the experiences you want.  I use a combination of NLP tools, and Coaching processes so that there is no more "what if I fail?" "I'm not good enough" "I don't have the time." We will work together to identify and clear blocks, get to the root cause of the issues and I will guide you on the pathway and will be alongside you through the whole process.

Book a Free Breakthrough Coaching call (No Obligation) and  we can chat about the challenges you are facing and work out a customised blueprint package for you to get your life on track.

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