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The number one reason families move back home earlier than intended is because the partner is unhappy. 

I began my coaching business working with ExPat mums to help (re)create their sense of self and bring more balance, enjoyment, confidence and fulfilment to their lives after my experience of moving to France as a "following Spouse"

Being a mum is a tough enough job as it is. Add in to the mix a new country, culture and potentially a new language and suddenly the challenge just went up 10 fold!

When you first arrive in a new country it can feel a bit like an extended holiday...until it doesn't.

So many Expats find themselves feeling isolated, lonely and without direction. Dreams of integrating into a new life suddenly don't seem possible when locals don't seem to be helping you or including you. (Whilst they can be very friendly on the surface, thats often as far as it goes)  The familiar support network back home has suddenly gone. There is no-one to drop your kids with for a few hours, or a friend to drop in on for a rant, a cry or a much needed laugh.  Just a trip to the supermarket can leave you feeling incompetent.

  Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, anxious or unfulfilled. I help Expat mums find their confidence to discover and follow their paths.  Give them direction and a process to follow without them having to just "Put themselves out there" which can be daunting when you already feel like an outsider looking in.  

Expats mums have a habit of focusing on the family, doing what they can to create a stable transition for the kids. Its very common for them to forego any investment in themselves. You may have heard the expression "You can't pour from an empty cup" Its paramount that YOU are being taken care of and feel happy in your life, in order that you can take care of the family.

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