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About Me

I am a forty something mum of 2. I have been a mum with a full time career, a full time mum for 3 years when we moved to France , before transitioning back into corporate life in the UK on a part time basis and now I have a balance of family time and my Coaching work (alongside 3 horses!)

As my children grew, I realised how little focus I had given to myself and the balance in my life. This began a new chapter for me.  I now live a wonderful, fulfilled and balanced life and I am truly passionate and committed to use my skills in helping other women do the same (wherever they may be on their journey).



I have been coaching for over 20 years, working in Mars Inc across multiple sectors. I was responsible for developing a Coaching and Leadership Culture within the Mars UK Sales teams and for Coaching Senior Leaders within Mars.  

My focus has since shifted , I love hearing peoples stories and what I notice is how often people say "I would love to....travel / have more ME time/ work less/ exercise more/ eat better/ Laugh more....and so on.  This is so often followed with a"BUT".  I work with clients to find the "AND" so that it becomes "I want to eat better AND here are the small steps i'm going to take in order to get there"